Monthly Archives: August 2013

Conditioning: Getting Loose and Taking Charge

Conditioning is an important word in any sport. It has two definitions that are significant to team development, both of which must be considered while practicing. The first definition refers to physical fitness, while the second definition relates to the making and breaking of habits.

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Manipulating Momentum

The closeout is one of the most important defensive skills in basketball. It occurs when a defensive player goes from an off-ball position to an on-ball position. The Shell Drill is an excellent way to teach defensive position.  During a closeout, the defensive player must close the distance between he and his man. The goal is to be able to prevent/contest a shot and/or defend the drive … it is quite a task! Closing-out is a skill that must be emphasized daily.

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Success Leaves Clues

I read a quote by Doc Rivers that read, “success leaves footprints”. I really like this! No matter my role, people that are successful within that role are observable. Whether it be a successful parenting strategy, an engaging lesson idea, or a drill used to teach a basketball skill, these people leave us clues. The key is to be actively searching for these clues … like a detective!

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