Monthly Archives: September 2013

Transition: Making the Change

In basketball, transition is the change that occurs between offense and defense (in both directions).  Communication is a key in transition.  Transition occurs quickly and within the chaos of a game.  There are players to locate, spots to get to, and reads to be made.  Without communication, breakdowns are inevitable.  "Point and Talk" is a phrase used to teach players to communicate while in transition.  A player may point to identify where he is going or verbally communicate whom he is guarding (or help a teammate).  The physical act of pointing and talking is something that is observeable and therefore can be measured.


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Rebounding: Win The Paint

Rebounding is as important as any other factor in the game of basketball. Limiting a team to a single shot per possession and gaining extra shots per possession can be the difference between a win and a loss.  A good rebounding team is often a disciplined and determined team.

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Building Strong Defensive Habits

The location of the basketball often dictates the ideal position for a player.  Many defensive basketball habits occur in response to the location and movement of the ball.

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