Using the Shooting Machine

The shooting machine can be a tremendous tool in both individual and team workouts. 

I have been researching what other coaches are doing in their workouts so that we can implement some new things into our spring workouts.  I have found some great stuff and included some of it in the links below.

Brad Stevens

Rip Hamilton Series

The Nugget's Drill

Pin Down and Flare Drill

Thad Matta

Ball Screen Shooting (with Hesitation)

Sideline Pick and Pop

Spot Shooting

Archie Miller

Penetrate and Pass

John Groce

Hubie Brown Shooting

John Beilein

Wing Throughs

Skip Pass Jumpers (with defense)

4 in a Row

Pull Up and Curl

Transition Jumpers

Bill Self

Step Across and Flash

Ball Screen with Penetrate and Pitch

Shoulder Square 3's

Memphis Jumpers

Tom Izzo

Drive and Kick, Swing, Swing

Curl and Fade

Ball Screen and Pop

Rick Pitino

Penetrate and Pitch

Half Court Transition

Communication Shooting

Frank Martin