Monthly Archives: April 2014

Scouting Report

Effective scouting of an opponent is a potential way to obtain a competitive advantage.  

Obtaining, organizing, and analyzing information is only part of the equation. The other part is effectively communicating, practicing and implementing a strategy for successful game execution.

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Ball-Handling Secrets

I really love this article on Kyrie Irving's ball-handling.  I included it in a previous blog but think it is worthy of its own.

There are multiple ideas and concepts in this article that I would like to pull out for later use:

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I would like to improve our teams preparation procedures for next season. 

I am a huge fan of John Beilein and feel very fortunate to find this article that provides a lot of great insight into his excellence as a coach.  

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Team Offense

I was very excited to find this article on team offense. I think the San Antonio Spurs and Gregg Popovich provide an awesome example of offensive execution.

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Ball-Handling: Keeping Things Fresh

This blog will reflect some of the research I am doing to add, revise and improve the things we are doing in workouts to strengthen our ball-handling skillsI want to "keep things fresh".

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Evaluation: Past, Present, Future

Evaluating player performance to construct indivual workouts is where we are within the yearly cycle (pre-season, season, off-season) of team basketball.

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