Ball-Handling: Keeping Things Fresh

This blog will reflect some of the research I am doing to add, revise and improve the things we are doing in workouts to strengthen our ball-handling skillsI want to "keep things fresh".

I think it is very important to have competition, focus and enthusiasm in your workouts.  Finding new information and practices is vital to maintaining these three elements.



As I began researching articles and videos I stumbled upon an article about Kyrie Irving and his ball-handling skills. It is a GREAT ARTICLE for players and coaches. 



I also found some great videos demonstrating some new things that I am going to implement into our workouts. 

Kyrie Irving and Nolan Smith Workout

Derrick Walton Jr.Workout

Damian Lillard Workout

Pre NBA Draft Workout

Pure Intensity Sequence Workout

Stationary Pin Progression

Detroit Pistons 101: Part IPart IITeam Drill

Chris Paul Workout

Weak Hand Development

4 Cone Workout

Tyler Relph Heavy Ball and Tennis Ball