Ball-Handling Secrets

I really love this article on Kyrie Irving's ball-handling.  I included it in a previous blog but think it is worthy of its own.

There are multiple ideas and concepts in this article that I would like to pull out for later use:

1. Keep it simple

2. Unleash a sequence (already scripted)

3. Counters to every move

4. Change of pace and change of direction

5. Keep defense off balance-BE IN CONTROL

6. Simple Moves (crossovers, between the legs, behind the back)

7. Combination Moves

8. Counters (2nd, 3rd, 4th)

9. Train harder than the game

10. Overexaggerating pressure and chaos 

11. Keep it real to the game

12. Ambidextrous with handle and protection (swat defensive hands away)

13. Focus on feet

14. Footwork is most important thing

15. Challenges, Comfortable in uncomfortable situations

16. Stopping on the dime-From 60 to 0 

17. Back pivots, step throughs and step arounds 

18. Change directions like Barry Sanders

19. Create space, keep space, use space

20. Go-To-Move (Out of In-and-out move with both hands)

21. Mid-Range Game and Floater

22. Reducing the amount of dribbles

23. Deception

24. Attention to efficiency

25. Continued Growth