Advantages to Disadvantages

I am very excited about the speakers I was able to observe at the 2014 Spring Nike Championship Basketball Clinic at Robert Morris University.  All of the speakers were excellent.  This particular blog will be about the session on "Using Disadvantage Drills to Your Advantage" presented by Frank Allocco of De La Salle High School (CA).

"Adversity is the takeoff point for bigger and better things."

The main idea of the session was the positive gains a player and/or team can make through the implementation of drills and situations in which they are competing against an opponent with an advantage (in which they are at a disadvantage.)

What is an Advantage?

The advantage could be any of a number of things.  The most commonly used advantage is an extra player.  A restriction could also be used to create an advantage. Common restrictions used are number of dribbles, number of passes, or even a type of shot.  We should always teach both sides of the ball (offense and defense of advantaged and disadvantaged.)

Benefits of Disadvantaged

The individual or team that is disadvantaged often times has to do more to survive in the competitive scenario.  In doing so, they potentially will gain more.  The simulated "adversity" can be extremely beneficial to positive growth. Handling pressure, decision making, concentration, communication, toughness and focus are all areas that can be stregthened by the effective implemenation of  this concept.


"Adversity has the effect of eliciting talents, which, in prosperous circumstances would have lain dormant."