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Ball Screen Discipline

A master teacher's first 3 steps:

1.  Collect Information  

2.  Shape Your Plan  

3.  Establish Routine and Discipline 

The above information was provided by Mike Dunlap on Twitter.  I like applying this to the ball screen because it is such a big part of today's basketball.

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Shot Selection: Good Shot or Bad Shot

"Bad shooters are always open." –Pete Carril

"Allowing your team to take contested shots regularly will get you fired.  They are invisible turnovers." –Fran Fraschilla

"Shooting percentage is just as much about decision making as it is about technique." –Jeff Van Gundy

Teaching and learning shot selection is critical to team success.  

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Analyzing Turnovers for Better Play

I recently had an idea that I would like to expand on in this blog.  The idea is to try and teach better individual and team play through the observation and analysis of turnovers. 

My current checklist for turnover analysis is listed below:

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Bad Plays Lose Games

"Victory favors the team with the fewest errors. It is not the great plays that win games, it's bad plays that lose games." –Bob Knight

I think it would be a really good idea to discuss this quote with your staff or team.  

The discussion could begin with….

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