Bad Plays Lose Games

"Victory favors the team with the fewest errors. It is not the great plays that win games, it's bad plays that lose games." –Bob Knight

I think it would be a really good idea to discuss this quote with your staff or team.  

The discussion could begin with….

collectively defining "error" and "bad play". I also would like to have the group describe different types of errors and also attempt to show the relationship between "error" and "bad play".

The group could then create a list of the types of "bad plays".  I also think it would be a good idea to discuss when, how and why these plays happen and what can be done to prevent them.

For example, a player might identify a turnover as a potential "bad play".  You could further explore the turnover by asking:


1.  What are the types of turnovers?

2.  When do they happen?

3.  How do they happen?

4.  Why do they happen?

5.  How can they be prevented?


Learning from Mistakes

I also like the idea of watching video footage of various "bad plays" and discussing how and why they happened along with the "lessons learned" from each one. 

I have created links to a number of resources with discussion questions that could be used for analysis:


1. Shaqtin a Fool (What did they do? What should they have done?)

2. Jerryd Bayless Steal (Who is at fault? What type of turnover is it?)

3. Taxonomy of the Turnover (List and describe different types of turnovers)

4. Famous Bird Steal (What happened? Why did it happen?  What should have been done?)

5. Manu Ginobilli (How are the two plays alike? How are they different?)

6. Reggie Miller (What happened? Why did it happen? How could it have been prevented?  What should be learned from it?)

7. J.R. Smith: Good vs. Bad (List reasons for Good and Bad)

8. Russell Westbrook (How many turnovers? Which were forced vs. unforced?)

9. John Wall (Why did it happen? How could it have been prevented? What should be learned from it?)