Ball Screen Discipline

A master teacher's first 3 steps:

1.  Collect Information  

2.  Shape Your Plan  

3.  Establish Routine and Discipline 

The above information was provided by Mike Dunlap on Twitter.  I like applying this to the ball screen because it is such a big part of today's basketball.

Many teams are implementing ball screen offense and therefore many teams must be efficient in defending ball screens. 

The first step of a master teacher is to collect information.  Where should one go for such information?  I first looked for examples of successful ball screen offense.  The video's below provide examples of ball screen offense.  

I also would look for notes, articles, lectures or people that are knowledgable in the field I am looking for. Asking questions is critical to this process.  The collection of information also requires effective notetaking.

After collecting information I would then transition into shaping a plan.  I need to create an offensive plan for ball screens and a defensive plan.  This is no small task.  

After shaping a plan, implementing the plan into the routines of practice will lead to team discipline and successful execution in game situations. Practice planning and game film are two important components of this stage. Repetition and reinforcement are critical to the development of team discipline (Discipline=doing the right thing, at the right time, ALL THE TIME!).

While observing the video's below be sure to watch both sides of the ball.