Shot Selection: Good Shot or Bad Shot

"Bad shooters are always open." –Pete Carril

"Allowing your team to take contested shots regularly will get you fired.  They are invisible turnovers." –Fran Fraschilla

"Shooting percentage is just as much about decision making as it is about technique." –Jeff Van Gundy

Teaching and learning shot selection is critical to team success.  

Last year I was at the Big Ten Conference Tournament in Indianapolis and as we watched each of the games we became focused on the topic of "shot selection".  We spent many of the timeouts discussing past possessions and whether the shots taken were the best possible shots for their team.

A really good question came up…."How do teams teach and practice shot selection?"


I really liked the question and my response included two main ideas.

1.  You must know what you want and communicate that to your players and team.

2.  You must talk about (reinforce) shot selection on a daily basis throughout the year.

The above quesion has really stuck with me and I feel it is a topic that coaches and players must always be aware of. 

I really like the idea of observing, analyzing and discussing shot selection with staff, players and team.  A team that demonstrates good shot selection is ofter a team that is not only a disciplined team, but one that has good communication skills. 

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