Player Evaluation

The three areas of player evaluation according to Rick Majerus are:

     1.  Attitude

     2.  Athletic Ability

     3.  Basketball Skills

I have listed some of his "Look For's" below.  I found this to be very helpful!


Attitude "Look For's"

-Enjoy playing hard





Athletic "Look For's"

-Explosive first step

-Quickness (lateral)

   *  Able to turn and stay in front defensively


-Body Control

   *  Pulls up

   *  Squares up

   *  Able to stop abruptly

   *  Doen't reach defensively

   *  Able to rise vertically to contest without fouling

-Quality Hands

   *  Can catch a bad pass

   *  Comes down with the ball in traffic

   *  Can pick the ball up and covert in transition


   *  Need to step to jump

   *  Can "right-now" jump

   *  Can jump a second and third time

   *  Fearless finisher in traffic


Basketball Skills "Look For's"


   *  Away from the defense

   *  Snap on the ball

   *  Quickly and effortlessly on time and on target

   *  Dribble to improve passing angles

   *  Can penetrate and pitch

   *  Able to feed a stationary post or flashing post

   *  Controlled stop on break with precision pass to wing

   *  Poise and patience

   *  Anticipate

   *  See the court

   *  Read the defense (on ball and help)


   *  Adequate with both hands

   *  Full speed up and down with either hand and able to come to a stop

   *  Change direction and pace 

   *  Able to accelerate rapidly by a defender

   *  Does not turn back or spin agains pressure

   *  Can pullback crossover and maintain vision

   *  Can back up with the ball


   *  Effective range and leg spring

   *  Good release and follow through 

   *  Good rotation

   *  Little wasted motion

   *  Exaggerated follow through

   *  Confidence

   *  Does not need rhythm bounce

   *  Know their range

   *  Spot up according to penetration of the ball