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Team Development: Learning From Dysfunction

I recently read a Tweet by Five-Star Basketball that listed "The Five Dysfunctions of a Team".  

I really found them interesting and wanted to take some time to learn from them.  

In some cases, it can be helpful to consider the negatives before the positives.  


The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Trait #1: Absence of Trust

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Player Evaluation

The three areas of player evaluation according to Rick Majerus are:

     1.  Attitude

     2.  Athletic Ability

     3.  Basketball Skills

I have listed some of his "Look For's" below.  I found this to be very helpful!


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Shot Selection: Good Shot or Bad Shot

"Bad shooters are always open." –Pete Carril

"Allowing your team to take contested shots regularly will get you fired.  They are invisible turnovers." –Fran Fraschilla

"Shooting percentage is just as much about decision making as it is about technique." –Jeff Van Gundy

Teaching and learning shot selection is critical to team success.  

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Analyzing Turnovers for Better Play

I recently had an idea that I would like to expand on in this blog.  The idea is to try and teach better individual and team play through the observation and analysis of turnovers. 

My current checklist for turnover analysis is listed below:

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Ball-Handling Secrets

I really love this article on Kyrie Irving's ball-handling.  I included it in a previous blog but think it is worthy of its own.

There are multiple ideas and concepts in this article that I would like to pull out for later use:

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Team Offense

I was very excited to find this article on team offense. I think the San Antonio Spurs and Gregg Popovich provide an awesome example of offensive execution.

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Ball-Handling: Keeping Things Fresh

This blog will reflect some of the research I am doing to add, revise and improve the things we are doing in workouts to strengthen our ball-handling skillsI want to "keep things fresh".

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Evaluation: Past, Present, Future

Evaluating player performance to construct indivual workouts is where we are within the yearly cycle (pre-season, season, off-season) of team basketball.

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Using the Shooting Machine

The shooting machine can be a tremendous tool in both individual and team workouts. 

I have been researching what other coaches are doing in their workouts so that we can implement some new things into our spring workouts.  I have found some great stuff and included some of it in the links below.

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Shooting Technique

Shooting technique is taught and emphasized at all levels of basketball.  Whether you are learning how to shoot or attempting to improve your shot, a player must understand and appreciate the link between proper technique and efficiency.  Poor shooting performance is often due to flawed mechanics (it can also be the result of poor shot selection….but that is a topic for another day!).


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